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    Stunning Designer Rugs to Beautify Every Sydney Property

    Make every part of your home or business look its very best. Kenz Designs offers a range of high-quality rugs for sale online that are sure to add colour and vibrancy to any space. With both machine-made and hand-loomed pieces in our collection, you’ll have real choice. Get a real, handmade work of art through our store and find out why so many across the country choose our store.

    Made from the finest materials to the strictest quality standards, we provide an affordable way to enhance the décor of your property. Choose from our shag, acrylic, cotton and wool in a huge range of sizes and shapes and get something so perfect for your space that guests will think it was custom made.

    Classic and modern rugs to suit every décor

    Offering a blend of traditional designs and bold, contemporary patterns, our collection has been carefully curated to offer something for everyone. Whether your personal decorating style trends more towards Scandinavian-style minimalism or you’re a fan of more colourful, busy interiors, we have something to offer you. Perfectly matched to your existing colour palette, you’re sure to find something to love in our collection.

    Provided in sizes of up to 330 x 240 centimetres and available as both traditional rugs and hall runners, every space in the house can have a beautiful floor covering. Our close partnerships with our suppliers ensures that we can always offer our range at the most competitive prices, allowing more people across Australia the chance to add some colour and style to their home.

    A complete range of homewares, furniture and artwork

    When you shop with Kenz Designs, you get much more than just an exceptional quality of product. Our design services put years of interior decorating experience at your disposal, drawing on our extensive range of products including outdoor furniture, wall art and more to turn your home or business into a unique, beautiful and cohesive space.

    Discuss your needs with our designers today to find out how we can transform your property. Call us on 0488 885 369 or send us a message through our contact page and we’ll give you the answers you need. Otherwise, order your products through our online store for fast delivery anywhere in the country.