How to use Moodboard

Kenz Designs Moodboard Create 2D rooms that you can save, shop & Share, try it before you buy it!





If you have only a concept, Kenz Designs Moodboard can help you visualize your vision, Visuals communicate things that words cannot. A picture is worth a thousand words, and Kenz Designs mood boards is a great tool to create that picture.

Kenz Designs has developed specially for you an online Moodboard, which can give you a more tangible idea of what you are visualizing for the style and a feel of your room setup or collection.


How to start?


  • Create an account
  • You can go through the website and select the products and add it to the favorite list
  • After selecting the products you can either click on add to moodboard to go straight to the moodboard page or you can click on the moodboard tab
  • Now you can drag and drop in the moodboard and design your own still

You can resize

You can flip

You can bring the photo forward or backward

You can change the Colour of the background

You can select your preferred product Colour


  • After you finish the design now you can

Save it and download it

Share it on your favourite social media

Save it in your favourite list in the PREVIOUS MOODBOARDS