Wall Art


Sydney’s Most Beautiful Wood & Canvas Wall Art

Kenz Designs offers you the chance to truly make your property your own. Extend your décor to every corner of your space and select from the extensive range of prints, statuary and objets d'art on offer and add substance and texture to any room.

Our collection of prints and wall art is broad enough to offer something to suit everyone. With something to match any style and any atmosphere, there’s no space that can’t be improved by the addition of one of our stunning pieces. From the modern and ultra-contemporary to the traditional and classical, any style can be accounted for. Whatever your taste, our carefully curated selection of products is sure to impress.

Wall prints adding colour and vibrancy to any space

Whether over the family dining table or in your business’ waiting room, our printed artwork always make an impact. The broad range of styles and motifs on offer mean that whether you’re going for a sober and professional feel or a warmer and homelier atmosphere, there will be a print to complement.

From landscapes to cartoons to abstract pieces and geometric designs, our range of prints has been carefully chosen to offer the broadest range to suit every taste. How we react to art is an extremely personal and subjective experience, so we’ve provided a broad collection to ensure that everyone can find something that catches the eye.

Make the smart choice for your property

We understand what it takes to create a beautiful room. A dedication to bringing you only the finest things bears out in both our collection of individual pieces and our interior design services. Whether you’d like to work cooperatively with one our talented decorators to style your space or you’d prefer to do it yourself, we give you the support you need in the manner that best suits you.

Place an order today for delivery anywhere in Australia, or contact our friendly staff today on 0488 885 369 or through our enquiry page and we’ll provide you with the information you need to build a welcoming, gorgeous and cohesive interior space.